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Senior Partner: Tim Growcott

Halcyon was founded by Tim Growcott in 1992 and is an active member of the Source Testing Association, maintains membership of the Metal Finishing Association and several other trade affiliations.
Halcyon support encompasses the achievement of EN ISO 14001 for one of the first 10 foundries in the world, the first polyurethane foam automotive seating manufacturer and the first automotive headliner manufacturer to achieve this standard.
Halcyon have an extensive client base, mainly in the UK, and include automotive, aerospace, engineering, paints, ink, plastics, polymers, ferrous and non-ferrous, fast moving consumer goods and military providers.

Our activities also include analytical services which are currently moving into investigative causes and forensics applications, frauds and other similar legal implications.

Halcyon personnel attended recent House of Commons and House of Lords meetings in conjuction with the SEA (Surface Engineering Association) for industry support in environmental issues.


Currently Halcyon are providing articles to the Corporate Times, in respect of current isses and legislation.