Environmental Management Systems

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  • ISO 14001 system compilation
  • derivation of environmental policy & procedure
  • register of environmental effect
  • register of environmental legislation
  • derivation of environmental strategy
  • environmental quality objectives

Halcyon have provided an extensive range of Environmental Management Systems for a broad spectrum of users including the chemical, automotive, domestic appliance, metal finishing and paint adhesive producers.  Systems have been based on site specific, process relevant activities including stand alone systems and systems fully integrated with ISO 9001/2, QS9000 and specific inhouse standards.
Our systems are "user friendly", flow charted formats, including ascribed roles and responsibilities, derivation of environmental objectives, legal brief, legislation and liabilities.
We provide continuous system support and closed loop controls, environmental systems awareness and familiarisation and commercial confidentiality for all clients.
Environmental significance is based on cross system evaluation integrating QS9000 approaches to frequency, significance and detection matrices.