Emission Monitoring

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  • EPA compliance monitoring - A1 & A2, M1 & M2
  • mass balance and BPEO options
  • calculation of stack height
  • BATNEEC options

Emission monitoring is a critical issue in determining a site's compliance status with regard to regulatory provisions.  The correct approach to producing valid data is a key factor in deriving BPEO, BATNEEC and BRT and understanding the process is an integral component of that strategy.
Halcyon personnel have extensive knowledge of compliance emission monitoring procedures and protocols, their strengths and weaknesses, the importance of uncertainty measurements and precision and accuracy.
The derivation of mass balance and inventory of sources and releases are all encompassed within the Halcyon portfolio.
We also provide independant, impartial advice regarding  BATNEEC options derived from extensive industry installations.
D1 calcuations are based on standard HMIP formats, including stack minimisation strategy and minimax capitalisation.